Customer Reviews for Reliable Home Cleaners

Welcome to the customer reviews page for Reliable Home Cleaners. Please read below to find out what satisfied homeowners are saying about Eve and her work.
"The results that Eve has achieved for my home have been nothing short of stellar. If you've never worked with Eve before and are considering her for your home cleaning solutions, I would encourage you to do so without reservation.

What you can expect:
In all instances of working with Eve, she has arrived 5-10 minutes early for appointments. She is extremely punctual.

She is armed to the teeth with cleaning supplies of all types; enough to eradicate a small country's worth of dust bunnies, microbes, and other uncleanly specimens yet to be verifiably identified by science. Upon her initial visit, she guaranteed that I would be able to smell how clean my home was when she was finished. Later that evening I was able to verify that there was indeed a pleasant smell of newly-minted cleanliness wafting through the evening breeze. Even my neighbor remarked on her thoroughness as he happened to be home that day.

In summary, I couldn't be happier with the results and I wholeheartedly endorse Eve for all of your home cleaning needs."
- Andrew V.
“Eve is very thorough and trustworthy and she brings her own supplies. She's cleaned my house for 2 years now and I'm very happy with her service”
- Lucille of Marlboro
“Eve does a fine job cleaning my home, she is very trustworthy and dependable. She is a hard worker and very thorough. Very pleased.”
- Norman S. of Holden
“Eve is a hard worker, very thorough and does an excellent job! In addition, she is trustworthy and reliable. Very happy with her services.”
- Ruth of Sutton
“I can't say enough about Eve. She is trustworthy and dependable and does an outstanding job cleaning my home.”
- Ruth P.
“Since Eve has been working with us, our house has never been so clean and well maintained. She is professional, takes pride in her work, and is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Eve to anyone who is seeking a trustworthy professional to keep their home clean and fresh. “
- Karen of Upton
"Eve did an outstanding job cleaning my home. My home has never been cleaned so thoroughly. Eve pays attention to every detail, even including the lighting fixtures! She uses the correct products on every surface and is very careful with my possessions. I could not be more pleased with the results."
- Wendy of Westwood
"Eve, Just wanted to say thank you SO much for all of your work yesterday. You've lifted more stress from me than I can possibly express. Please let me know if I can be a reference for you at any point and I would be happy to."
- Jenn
"Thank you so very much. This place looks awesome!! You really gave it a facelift!! Can't thank you enough!"
- Anita
I've know Eve for years and her attention to detail and care for her customer's homes is truly unique!! If what you want is a complete deep clean, Eve is the best!
- Gordon S.

If you want attention to detail call Eve. She really goes the extra mile to ensure your house is clean from from floor to ceiling.
- Laura C.